Lou Tremblay's Dinosaur Digs
Yale Expedition to the Petrified Forest National Park
May 30 - June 13, 2009


Dinosaur Dig
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This expedition was led by Marilyn Fox of the Yale University Peabody Museum to locate and collect fossils to be returned to Yale for preparation and become available for research. An articulated specimen of an Aetosaur (Typothorax) was collected along with several random bones. The area is a designated wilderness so the 250 pound specimen had to be carried out by hand.

Marilyn was accompanied by Alan and Alana Gishlick - Yale PhDs, Adam Belke - Yale PhD student, Leon Claessons - assistant professor, College of the Holy Cross, Emalee Blumhagen - Holy Cross student, Zach Lavender - Holy Cross student, and Lou Tremblay.

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Marilyn and Zach excavating Typothorax

Zach with field jacket with bracing

Jacket ready to be turned over

Overturned jacket

Jacket with excess rock removed

Jacket with more bracing

Jacket ready for transport

Transporting the jacket (Alana Gishlick photo)

View of Petrified Forest Painted Desert Area

Lizard on Petrified Log

Cactus in bloom

Petroglyphs found in wilderness area

More petroglyphs

Petrified log

Ilium found and collected by Lou

Partial jaw found and collected by Lou