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Filming "Dino Autopsy"

Removing "Dakota"

Transporting "Dakota"

"Dakota" jackets at lab

Minneapolis students at Turtle Grave Yard

Soft shell turtle find

Anita and Tyler (Carla Cox photo)

Pastime Bar (Carla Cox photo)

The 'Homer' site

The 'Gulag' site

Lou's turn with the jackhammer

The crew takes a ride

Mosasaur Rear Flipper

Mosasaur Crew, 8/5

Mosasaur Tail Verts

Mosasaur Jackets, 8/12

John Pawloski, Steven Cohen at new site found by John

Palatobaena Skull and Jaw Size Comparison

Tyrannosaur Tooth from JP Site

Ceratopsian toe bone

2006 participant t-shirt