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Lou leading group to Sky Box (Wing Morse photo)

Overburden removal at Sky Box

More overburden removal

Fossil bones found at Sky Box

Anterior cervical vertebrae

Carnivore Tooth

Lou and Wing Morse with Triceratops Nose Horn (Jack LaMonica photo)

Nose horn after lab prep (Stephen Floersheimer photo)

Triceratops brow horn found by Patrick Sorenson

Triceratops brow horn (photo and prep by Tom Tucker)

Ceratopsian skull in prep lab (Stephen Floersheimer photo)

Horses viewed from Doug's house

Pat Hahn with bones she found

LaMonica family with jacketed find (Jack LaMonica photo)

Little Missouri River and badlands (Jack LaMonica photo)

Coffelt family with Doug on Bald Butte

Lou at Skybox (Dan Trozzi photo)

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