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Columbian Mammoth bones were discovered in Waco, Texas in 1978. Over the years following the discovery, many of the bones were excavated and put into storage at Baylor University. Meanwhile, the only protection for the remaining uncollected bones was a large tent. In 2009, a building was constructed over the site to preserve the remaining bones and allow visitors the opportunity to view them. The site is expected to be designated a National Monument and become part of the National Parks system.

On August 29, 2009 Barbara Benty, Tom Tucker, and I were hired by the city of Waco, TX to assist Anita Benedict (Baylor University Museum collections manager) with the repair and cleaning of the fossil Columbian mammoth and camel bones.

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new building

Barbara Benty next to life-size Columbian Mammoth

Tom Tucker working on tusks

bull mammoth tusks

mammoth before prep

mammoth after prep

camel spine before prep

camel spine after prep

camel limb bone before prep

camel limb bone after prep

camel jaw before prep

camel jaw after prep

completed camel as seen from catwalk

entrance catwalk

exit catwalk

Tom, Barb, and Lou