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2010 participant t-shirt design

Ann Hoff T.rex site

Skybox Site

Storm cloud as seen from Skybox

Shepherd School group

Ischium in situ at Skybox

Ischium prep

Triceratops frill excavated from Skybox in 2008

Marmarth Main Street, 2010

New prep lab

New prep lab

Champsosaurus jaw from Big Turtle Cove (prep and photo by Stephen Floersheimer)

Plastron segment in situ at Big Turtle Cove site

Plastron segment prep

Large costal from Big Turtle Cove

Log impression at Big Turtle Cove

Partial carapace from Big Turtle Cove

Large turtle (axestemys) shell prep

Large turtle (axestemys) shell prep by Natasha

Large turtle (axestemys) mandible